About the Brand

Jean Gritsfeldt is one of the fastest growing and most popular Ukrainian fashion brands.

It focuses mainly on manufacturing womenswear and menswear, shoes and accessories (pret-a-porter as well as casual wear).

In 2012 Jean Gritsfeldt showed his first collection The Black Unicorn at Ukrainian Fashion Week. Since then he is a constant participant of this event.

The brand investigates the boundaries between fashion, modelling, sculpture and the human body, experimenting with various fabrics and patterns. Infusing the elements of haute couture in the abstract and conceptual ideas it creates bizarre colour and texture combinations.

In his work Jean Gritsfeldt focuses on interaction between body, clothes and new media. Thus, clothes he creates are not only on modern fashion trend, but also create their own standards which perfectly meet market needs.

Characteristic features of the brand style are complex cut, designer prints and embroidery, combination of unexpected textures and the highest workmanship.


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