Centaurs’ Racing (SS 2020) press release

For many years, horse racing has occupied an important place among the most anticipated events of Great Britain. It occupies the front pages of newspapers and magazines and gathers hundreds of thousands of guests from around the world. Nevertheless, not even races and beautiful animals stir up the minds of all Ascot fans—this is the number one event in the world of fashion.

The new Centaurs’ Racing collection is Jean Gritsfeldt's interpretation of the themes of royal racing in Ascot and medieval mythology. Classic costumes and outerwear are decorated with graphic images of canvas knots as a reference to a horse harness. Bright prints on silk, which combine the elements of scarf ornaments, images of ropes, chains, as well as the mythical centaur women, were created in collaborations with Derega, a Ukrainian artist and illustrator.

Boiled denim is decorated with textured weaving, reminiscent of horse ammunition. The designer used metallic details on knitwear and artificial hair stylized as a mane. Collection colours: beige, gray, black, and multi-coloured prints.

The new Jean Gritsfeldt’s collection is premiering on the 1st of September at 12:30 in the Equides Club.