Electrogipsy (SS 2019) press release

The Electrogipsy collection by Jean Gritsfeldt uses the symbol of the train and the station as a starting point, a new page in the travel book of each of us. Only in the train car people for a day can tell the story of their lives to an absolutely unknown person who they will never see again. The designer conveyed this mood in the clothing models: waiting for the road and the meeting, the desire to overcome distances, the constant movement forward.

Jean Gritsfeldt showed a riot of colours and characters of the train station public, scurrying beggars, gipsy families, and loving couples meeting each other. Red pear, valiant poppy, foggy blue, Ceylon yellow, olive for martini: no matter how tasty these names sound, they are not a condiment for food in the traveller’s lunch pack, but the main shades of the upcoming season. Bright, uncompromising colours give the opportunity to express yourself and become distinct from the train station crowd, or, conversely, help to hide in it.

Electrogipsy represents Jean Gritsfeldt’s favourite fur in the patchwork technique, as well as down jackets. After all, you never know what weather will catch you on the road, — the designer thinks.

The collection is full of original prints of crumpled postal wrappages and parcels with a motley palette of vintage labels. They are not only delivered on a daily basis through the railway infrastructure marked "Recycling", but also sometimes serve as a home for people. The designer pays attention to the whole world of diverse cultural layers that can be found on the railway station platform.

Blazers with a deconstructive cut, demolished to the skin jeans, and multi-layered knitwear will be shown on the podium. This time the designer's hallmark — shiny fabrics — is presented not in paillettes, but in gipsy shades of vinyl and patent leather.

For the first time Kiev Central Railway Station will become a fashion podium. The place where the movement towards a dream can be compared with the train swiftness.

Jean Gritsfeldt’s fashion show will feature the gipsy theatre.

Date: September 2, 2018 (Sunday) at 14:30.

Venue: Kiev Railway Museum (Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi Railway Station, platform 14).