Eupraine (SS 2018) press release

Eupraine collection of the spring-summer season 2018 is presented in an absolutely uncharacteristic manner for Jean Gritsfeldt, despite the fact that it retains distinctive features of the brand, such as knitwear with printed pattern and deconstructive cut, appliquative embroidery on natural fabrics and eco-suede.

Street couture is presented in the form of a denim embroidered with Swarovski stones, volumetric jackets and hoodles made from sequin fabrics. At the same time, you will see an absolutely experimental design of the basic things of the average traveller, but in a different destination, where life jackets will become a bright accessory, and the runway pattern will lie on the side of the lapel of the jacket.

The supply of these things will be as simple as possible, and as models you will be able to see people who are accustomed to seeing in the plane of their familiar flight. The myth that designer clothes cannot be worn by a simple businessman or an adult woman of Balzac's age, a mother of many children, or a teenage daredevil will be destroyed. You will be able to make sure that things from the model shoulder are easily suitable for both the stall trader and the mistress of the millionaire.

This season Jean Gritsfeldt is showcasing his collection at Boryspil International Airport in Kiev.