Frozen Star (AW 2018/19) press release

The nature and environment in which we are born and live is something ancient and unexplored to the end, with its own system of coordinates, laws and riddles. The new collection uses the symbol of ice as something unshakable, but at the same time as the subject to human and climatic changes. Ice here is an arena for the struggle, determining the strong and the weak, the champion and the defeated.

The designer shows the entire palette of colours of the northern lights from deep blue to airy sky-blue and ocher, transfers fascinating pictures of melting ice to silk fabric. The Frozen Star collection features artificial fur in patchwork techniques and embroidered icebergs on printed cotton fabrics, as well as allusions to winter sports such as figure skating and hockey (styling of hockey shin lines in knitwear, flickering plates on tops), in a mix with the eclecticism of European culture and significant symbols of the 80's (blazers with a wide shoulder line, denim on the high waist, checkered patterns).

Following the motto of the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky, Jean Gritsfeldt says: "A good designer is where fashion is. A great designer is where fashion is going to be."

The ice arena is a podium on which the merging of nature and mechanics, strength and fragility is going to take place, sending us to the sources and those corners of the planet for which permafrost is not a theatrical setting but a reality.

Jean Gritsfeldt's fashion show is held with the participation of juniors of the Ukrainian hockey team.

Date: February 4, 2018 (Saturday) at 21:30.

Venue: ice arena in the «Terminal» Shopping and Entertainment Centre (316, Kievskaya Str., Brovary, Ukraine).