Frozen Star (AW 2018/19) at UFW: credits

I am really grateful to the organizing committee of Ukrainian Fashion Week headed by Irina Danilevskaya and Vladimir Nechiporuk, as well as to the Ukrainian National Junior Ice Hockey Team and Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation, Olga Bogataya, my ideological inspirer and energetic companion, the collectives of the «Terminal» Shopping and Entertainment Centre and our official partner of the show — trade mark «Zhytnia Slioza».

Special thanks to Jean Gritsfeldt's team:
Director: German Nenov
Jewellery: Jean Gritsfeldt for Art Vivace Jewelry
Make-up: Anastasia Levandovskaya
Hair: Estel beauty salon
Host: Sergey Bryl
Shooting: Tema Grigoryan
Soundtrack: Nikita Griaznov
Decorators: Vesna event & design

Thanks to all my friends and family.


Photo: Mariya Pavlyuk,