Hirko! (AW 2019/20) press release

On the eve of Saint Valentine's Day, fashion designer Jean Gritsfeldt is going to present his most romantic collection — «Hirko!» (Kiss! Kiss!). For the first time in the history of Ukrainian and world fashion, the traditional final runway walk of a model bride will turn into reality.

“I always wondered: if a designer sews a bridesmaid dress for the final runway walk, then why doesn’t the groom appear at the end of the show to marry her? — says Jean Gritsfeldt. “So I've decided to go the whole hog and finally hold the wedding not only for the model, but for the designer as well.


Jean's chosen one is still an intrigue. However, the designer reveals several secrets of the upcoming collection: the usage of wedding symbols — wedding rings, embroidered white swans on knitted fabrics and translucent organza ribbons, pompous bows, embroidery and applications from nano-paper recycled fabric. The main colour of the collection is white, the colour of innocence and purity.

A separate block of the «Hirko!» collection is reserved for prints of DNA, red roses and hearts.