Out Of System (AW 2020/21) press release

The new autumn-winter 2020/2021 collection Out Of System by Jean Gritsfeldt is a reflection of thoughts on how future generations will look in a thousand years. What they will carry into this world, what will emphasize, what values will preach. After all, they will be the architects of the future and the seekers of the source of salvation and purification of humanity — the source of eternal youth.

Today, the issue of informed consumption is becoming increasingly topical. People often spend resources of Earth thoughtlessly: the word “want” shouts, drowning out the true “need”.

Collections by Jean Gritsfeldt through the prism of design always loudly declare what excites us today. But at the same time, they give hope. This time we see it in the generation of the future: it ethically consumes at the cellular level, progressively thinks and destroys outdated stereotypes.

As always, the focus is on accessories developed in collaboration with Maxim Dubin: this time the result exceeds expectations not only thanks to Swarovski crystals, but also to carbines, as well as natural oyster shells.

The association with the marine theme is compounded by the variety of boiled denim, decorated with various eyelets, as a reference to lifebuoys, as well as numerous stripes of blue and black colours in jackets with a deconstructive cut.

The entire collection is permeated with love for Earth. As an addition to the main unit, a knit capsule collection with the image of rare animal species was created. This is a reminder: who, if not a person, must protect nature and animals suffering as a result of often intolerant attitudes and the general environmental pollution? Genealogical cuts of stones on solid overalls of models, bright hoodies and sweatshirts made by patchwork technique are elements that give hope. Hope that can only return the true "need", despite the thousands of "want."

Exclusive fashion-show soundtrack by Wavewalkrs.